Compiling takes too much of time

After writing the code in VS (I just wrote a printline) and compiling in unreal engine. It takes too much of time. Why??

Well, This is a natural error.When you debug the code with VS when UE is closed the build time takes 20 seconds, but when it opens it takes few minutes. UE 4.8 takes too much resources from the computer. I can see that because the whole computer becomes slower.Please mark this as Solution, Thanks!

so after each compile i have to wait that long ??

and few minutes means??

and how can we compile the code with UE closed, the compile button is in the UE4 window

Bddy, I got your issue, You can make your compiling time less. If you are on Udemy Course, you can visit this link where the Instructor shows to solve your slow compiling time.
Pls mark as Solution.

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