Compiling Errors

Im getting this errors and I have no idea how to solve them.

This occurred when I inserted the InputComponent line, but even when I erased the line the error still persists. This is awkward because I did the last lesson without any problems.

Any solutions? Because I’m Stuck :frowning_face:.

Edit: I’m using the 4.17.2 version.

change line 31 and 33 to the following:

class UPhysicsComponent *PhysicsHandler = nullptr;
class UInputComponent *InputComponent = nullptr;

The “failed to produce item Project.dll”-error typcially means that you used something you haven’t included.

Normally you would have to include …/InputComponent.h, but it’s bad practice to use includes in headers,
so you can just “forward declare” them like I showed above.


It works, thank you for your help and attention.

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