Compiling error when using OpenDoor

I have been smooth sailing up until this point. I keep getting compiling errors and I can’t figure out why. Thanks to anyone who takes the time to look at this. I uploaded the pictures below.

Rermove the equals sign. The comma operator evaluates each expression and returns the right most so what you have is efectively

FRotator OpenDoor = 0.f;

Thank you! That worked! I also had to change GetActorRotation() to SetActorRotation(). In the Lecture project changes there is an = sign. Just a heads up!

That’s because he’s using {} not (). I meant to make a issue about this to make note of this.

Basically, in a nutshell, initialisation syntax in C++ is a straight up awful mess.

FVector X1 = { 1.f, 2.f, 3.f };
FVector X2{ 1.f, 2.f, 3.f };

X1 and X2 mean exactly the same thing. (Didn’t use to be prior to C++14 so it was a bit more of a mess in C++11)

FVector X3 = (1.f, 2.f, 3.f);
FVector X4(1.f, 2.f, 3.f);

These however do not. In the first the () has the same meaning as ( 1 + 2 ) * 3, where it’s just for order of operations. so

FVector X3 = (1.f, 2.f, 3.f);

Is the same as

FVector X3 =  1.f, 2.f, 3.f;

Which as explained previously is the same as

FVector X3 = 3.f;

Whereas X1, X2, and X4 call the constructor that takes 3 floats.

Edit: Just realised we’re talking about FRotator here but the same applies.

If you want to get really into how it’s a mess, here’s an hour long talk that goes over that

Wow, Thank you for the clarification! I literally would of never figured that out lol. I’ll check out the resources you linked. thanks again!

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