Compiler Error

When I try to compile after writing down the code as shown in the screenshots, I got below error in UE compiler log. Any ideas what I’m doing wrong?

UE Message Log
/Users/cetu/Documents/FiveBullCowGame 4.26/Source/BullCowGame/BullCowCartridge.cpp:46:25: error: out-of-line declaration of a member must be a definition [-Wout-of-line-declaration]
void UBullCowCartridge::ProcessGuess(FString Guess);
/Users/cetu/Documents/FiveBullCowGame 4.26/Source/BullCowGame/BullCowCartridge.cpp:47:1: error: expected unqualified-id
2 errors generated.

on line 46 in cpp file, you have a semicolon at end of the function that does not belong there.

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Thank you! Problem solved.

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