Compiler error in Blueprint and no log from Elevate() method

After finishing the Forward Declaration video I played the game and there was no log. After going through all of my code I couldn’t find any difference between mine and Ben’s. Now I also have a compiler error when I try and play the game! Help would be very much appreciated.

I’ve included a link to my GitHub if you want to see my code.

Thanks, Harry.

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Because the fact that it’s expecting a UTankBarrel and you are giving it a UStaticMesh. The next lecture should actually solve that very problem, though @ben, you should probably edit this lecture.


That worked, thanks. Spent 2 hours thinking my code was wrong and it the answer was just in the next video!

Yeh. Me to. I really thinked so that problem in my version UE4. Tryed create project on 4.11, 4.12.
I think, Ben need to create that remark on video for next users =)

Thank you once again everyone, this edit has been queued.

@SwampGator please covert after Section 5


 I'll do that. Thank you for letting me know.

 Have an awesome day!



Thanks Elizabeth, creative use of code formatting there!

Thank you, Ben!

Just to let you know, editing this video is waiting on @SwampGator, who is taking a few days off then will add the captions I need to this video so I can make the edit.

Captions are a pain, but I believe a lot of you find them useful. Do you?

Just to let you know I’m uploading a patch to this video now.

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