Compiler bug might need a restart or insignificant code alteration

Unlike in Sam’s video my nav meshs were not changing their locations during play. If anything it seemed they were all attaching at 0,0,0 on the oldest tile without building. After logging to console under further investigation it seemed Checkout() was never being called in ActorPool.cpp. After adding these UE_LOG’s with sure failure, during a random spawn in gameplay my editor crashed. When I booted it up again, the checkout logs were printing to console, and my nav meshes were being moved and built as evident when depossessed.

The wierd part is that I rebooted the editor a good few times while having this problem. Adding the log’s seemed to have perhaps jogged its memory or functionality somehow, or uncached something. Perhaps something in the blueprint was overriding the behavior with some sort of previously compiled one. Very wierd and troublesome. Decided to post by some rare chance some1 comes across this.

The only differnce from my version and Sam’s was I never put logs in these functions originally, since I knew they would be called.

Hmm unfortunatly when I move around the AI in my map he doesnt change his waypoint. This is annoying. I hope something jolts this behavior aswell or it will work anyway.

OK when spawning the AI manually from blueprints it seems to work ok at first, but the AI only seems interested in the waypoints in the nav mesh he was spawned in; which is actually congruent with the other behavior. This would be good as a setting but bad for overall functionality, since it is currently explainable asides maybe some setting related to Environment Queries.

^AI ahead uninterested in other nav mesh bounds.

^His waypoints however overlap other nav mesh boundries.

Nevermind it appears to be a quirk in the algorithim. I dont know why but now i do seem to be getting winning waypoint values in other sectors, and he does move through the eventually, but due to randomness it was hard to tell before.’

I have a theory as to why it appeared this way. When moving the AI around in the scene in depossess, his winning waypoint must not have been recalculated. I dont know why it was recalculated in Sams version(he did have a smaller gameplay space and more concentrated waypoints), but instead of confirming things I’m going to move on. This is enough testing for now.

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