Compile failed in ToonTanks

So I’ve been following along the course for ToonTanks and I’m on number 137. I got into a problem, when I try to compile it says compile failed. I think it’s due to accidently pressing refresh visual studio project or pressing open visual studio. Then, I opened the message log and it said that it was using visual studio instead of code. I don’t know why this happened and I’m hoping anyone could help.

You have called your member variable TurrentMesh with an N and you’re using TurrestMesh with an S.

So I was wondering how I could change back to visual studio code?

Bit confused, you’re already using VS Code? Or do you mean how do you fix it? If you meant that then you should name them the same thing.

sorry for being a week late, What I mean’t was It is forcing me to use Visual Studio 2019 and not Visual Studio Code.

Did you set VS Code to be the source code editor? In Unreal

Edit > Editor Preferences > Source Code

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