Compilation errors on UE4

I am sorry if this is a nooby question/proplem but I am on linux and have tried compiling multiple versions on UE4 I beleve this is verson 4.18 but i am still getting errors if anyone could help


And what’s the rest of the red line in the log?

CompilerResultsLog: e[1m/home/maythetriforce/Documents/Unreal Projects/test/Source/test/PositionReporter.cpp:5:10: e[0me[0;1;31mfatal error: e[0me[1m'Gameframework/Actor.h' file not founde[0m

sorry for the late response

Paths are case sensitive on Linux so GameFramework with a capital F.

i have done some more testing and it was to do with the order i #include and also the case sensitive but that was a mistake in the course i think


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