Coming together......... slowly

Experimentation with everything I can remember for rendering. I think baking this might help in the animation department. That lamp and chess set we did earlier should help (soon). Going to have to do something with that green. Desiring mint chocolate chip ice cream now.


I like it!
Missing a sidewalk … got a lot of ideas … :wink: very inspiring.

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Awesome! Thank you.

So, you spurred my curiosity a trite bit. So whilst I was polishing and fussing… Surprisingly only took about 5 minutes to add a faux exterior.


Wow! Strange things happened here.
I had the same visual enhancement in mind, but I didn’t want to influence the artist (you) that much.
The mind / brain is expecting something, because it is triggered by something. And as an artist you want to fill in that gap.

It’s a very nice project. Keep a copy of this store version. I like the emptiness vs. light (my personal feeling) … The composition, white left, right and in the middle.

Keep the spirit up!

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As I was putting the background in, from the start, I knew I would have to put something in to bridge the numbing and isolated feeling the original projected. You influence was a confirmation and I merely followed though.

Thank you for the encouragement!

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