Colors change when exporting to

Hey guys! Using Godot 4.2.1 Stable.

Finished the Barbarian Blasters 3D course and uploaded to itch. It’s working, but:

  1. On desktop, the colors are dulled
  2. On mobile, none of the GLTF assets have colors. They’re plain white.

Below are my export settings:

Can anybody give me advice? Thanks

Hi Walid,

It could be the texture compression it does not like or the texture settings so you may need to play with those to see if you can get that sorted out.
I havent exported to itch or mobile devices from this course but i vaguely remember having to do something with those to make sure they work albeit that it was in 2D not 3D.

Let me know how you get on and i will try to rewatch the mobile course to see if anything jogs my memory

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