Color set is not applied in generate rig

Hello there. I am studying creating meta rigs and had a problem.

When I modified the position of the Metarig and re-generated rig, most of the rig’s colors turned green.

I checked the color sets and it is divided by type, but I found that most of them turned green after re-generating rigs.

I want to know why and how to solve.


Green means the bone has some sort of constraint on it , so other bones can interact with it . This is useful because it means the animator does not need to animate every single bone and instead just animate a few main bones .

You can always move the green bones , just make sure you are in Edit Mode. You might not be able to transform them in pose mode because it might conflict with the constraints.


There must have been some kind of error. I’d recommend going back to the metarig and re-generating it again. If that doesn’t work then change 3D view port to Info editor and see what the error is. It should say Successfully generated: “rig”

You can also delete the rig and regenerate it. Just make sure that the armature modifier on the mesh points to the generated rig and that there is only 1 armature modifier. The weights are stored in vertex groups of the mesh so you wont loose that.

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