Color palettes

Not to confident with the first palette’s choices.
But my headache lets me know the second one is terrible.



Yes, the last one looks unexpected.
But still, I like it. The moon color should be different.

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In the first one? Or the second one?
I was attempting to make it painfully obtuse to look at with the second at least.
What should I do to adjust?

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I mean the last one, the moon color is the same as the figure.

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Wow, that first one looks good to me! Amazing how only 3 shades of purple in the figure can portray a complicated, detailed shape the way it does.

And yeah, that 2nd one sure demonstrates how changing the palette to something incompatible and clashing can totally undo and nullify an otherwise sharp-looking graphic!

Nice job, great example.


In the first one? Or the second one?

I think the second one.

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