Collisions summary of blog post

During the course of game play objects interact by colliding. This can be by obscuring each other from view known as trace channels, sometimes referred to as a depth buffer else where. Another type of interaction is collision. Collisions happen when two objects come to be at the same location in space.

Unreal has three collisions statuses : Block, Overlap and Ignore. Blocking prevents two objects from being in the same location. Overlapping allows the objects to share the same space and emits a signal. Ignore also allows two objects to share the same location, but doesn’t emit the signal.

To reduce computational overhead, unreal allows game designers to use simplified proxies for geometry instead or full resolution models depending on the specific application.


Nice summary. This should be really useful to you and other students too.

Very good summary of the article. Thanks :slight_smile:

This lines up with my read of it as well.

That’s what most amazed me when I was reading the article. This system will be very useful for creating all sorts of interactions inside the games we make.

Thanks for the awesome summary, after reading the blog I clicked here to re-enforce my understanding of collisions and it really did!

lol yeah that article was a bitch to read and understand; he shoulda just explained it.

You didnt explain the interaction specifiers based on configurable object and trace type tho

Perhaps you could have a go at explaining that part?

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