Collisions Do not work as intended - Constrains on the CM makes things worse

I’m having serious issues with this project. Granted I am the latest version of unity 2022.2.5fl - However the issues I am having are as follows.

Collisions don’t always work, and I often glitch through the ‘platforms’ with the Rigidbody on ‘continuous’ detection. I have tried adjusting the collider on the player, even to the point where I have changed the collider from a capsule collider to a box collider to see if that fiixed the issue - It didn’t.

Secondly - I have decided to use another tilemap for my ‘border’ and when putting the polygon collider 2d on there, it breaks my game, the main issue is basically any wall i walk into now with this on - now acts as though there is no collider on whatsoever. I can only stand on the top of the ‘platform’ consistently. If i walk to a wall, it glitches through it - and I really dont know what is wrong.

EDIT: Ok I seemed to have fixed my collision issue, instead of using outlines on he composite collider, I switched to polygons, and it seems to be working better now.

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