CollisionPolygon2D and Polygon2D copy shape not working

I followed the steps to the letter, but for whatever reason, Godot seems set on remembering some old version of my CollisionPolygon2D that I had, before I realized everything was way too small and narrow. Copying my new polygon shape, somehow gives me the old polygon shape, when I paste it in my Polygon2D node. This is baffling me.

Hi Max,

With the polygon2d selected can you have a look at the transform properties, scale , and check that it’s not scaled .
as the points seem to match up on the y axis just not on the x.

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You seem to be right. But that is weird isn’t it? Or does that happen often?

Not that I’ve seen of heard personally. But could just be a bug.

Did resetting scale sort it? Or is it still misbehaving?

It did help, but I can’t help to find that weird. I have by the way rewritten all the scripts in c# because I am much more familiar with that. Took a little researching, but I am happy that I did.

Nice one,

There’s a decent blog post on their site that has alot of good info on the current state of the C# implementation, that looks to get updated

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