Collision problem for tunnel mesh in VR

Hello Community,

so I am currently working on the VR course and it has been really great so far!
Currently I’m trying to apply some of the knowledge from the course to a personal project but now I stumbled upon a strange collision problem which I just can’t solve.
So basically I have imported a .fbx scene into my project and wanted to give a collision to some static meshes of the scene.
One of them is a tunnel-ish mesh where I want to be able to walk trough with my character but naturally collide with the walls. (I will add a screenshot of the mesh to the post). I want it to be able to collide from both sides, inner and outer wall of the tunnel but here’s the point where it seems to get tricky. Only the outer walls of the tunnel collide with my character, so when I’m actually walking trough the tunnel the character is able to clip trough the inner wall to the outside, where it collides again.
My character setup is very similar to the one that is used troughout the course, no major changes which should affect collision, and currently use the “use complex collision as simple” option for the static mesh to generate collision on every face/vertex of the mesh.
Here comes the really strange thing: When I try the setup without VR (HMD and controllers), the character does not clip trough any walls and collides perfectly as I want him to with the inner and outer walls. So this is where I suspect the HMD or tracking of the camera to have some effect which I just can’t grasp.
I also tried adding collision volumes in blender and re-importing it, using simpler collision meshes but still the same problem occurs. I also tried flipping normals in case unreal uses those to compute the way you collide with a face/wall but that didn’t seem to have any effect too.

I would appreciate if someone had an idea or could at least point me to the right direction to resolve this. I’ll gladly provide more information if needed. Sorry since this is my first post to the community I can’t provide to many screenshots etc.

(Clipping torugh the holes is possible and intended and does not seem to be the problem, altough I’m not to sure)