Collision Layers don't appear to be working

The nonsense behaviour at 3:30 in the video happened correctly for me…but then when I added the 2 new layers (not sorting layers) and then applied them to their respective objects (Player->Player layer, Background → Background layer) then went into the project setting matrix and turned off all the background checkboxes and clicked play…nothing changed.

My player instantly teleports to outside the roof of the level and gets stuck in the platform collision. I have moved the player all around in different parts of the level and similar things happen. The player is pushed out of the level by some magical invisible collision and I cannot figure out how to fix it.

I removed all added components and everything this video did and tried 2 more times and it still happens. I even renamed to other layers (not 8 and 9) to Player and Background so I could set the physics matrix again and didn’t work.

Any ideas? It appears whatever happened may have corrupted my project file and I really do not want to start again.

Please show your layers, collision matrix, and the objects with those layers and perhaps we can find a solution

Sorry my placeholder tileset makes it hard to see stuff, but thats everything without a default layer. Any ideas?

Nope, I cannot see anything that’s wrong here and I don’t know what else to look at. Can you zip your project up and upload it somewhere so I can take a look? Don’t include the Library folder when you zip it.

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