Collections work differently in scene view (possibly 2.81 version difference)

I am on Blender v2.81.16 and collections in this version seem to work differently to the lecture in this version. When in Scene view clicking on a collection does not select the contents of a selection and even right clicking on the collection and choosing select objects appears to have no effect. If I switch to View Layer everything seems to work as expected, although as stated you do need to right click and select objects.

It is possible that I have set something up incorrectly, but I am guessing that the functionality has changed in 2.81. Possibly this might have been done to create a clearer distinction between the Scene and Layer views. Any observations or thoughts on this?

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@Michael_Bridges Do we address this in a later lecture, I seem to remember something on this popping up

I’ve definitely been talking about it recently. But I cannot remember where :grimacing: :man_facepalming:

The same problem here :(. If you remeber where you talked about it pls let us know pls.

Likewise, just completed this lecture and found the same thing. Would be nice to clarify whether this is addressed later.

I would imagine this was later in this section or most likely the animated lamp would be my guess.

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