Coding error

Hello I have a coding error, originating from this line of code:


I checked and there is a semi-colon, any ideas?

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You need two semi-colons at the end:


I’m tryna get my first solved problem btw, this can be it

Debug needs to be capital.


The code above is what you need to do…

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What? Is it wrong? :weary:

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Lol, yeah, why would you need two semi-colons🤣

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One for Debug and one for Log. Because you are debugging something, so that gets a semi-colon, and you are Logging something so that gets a semi-colon.

I can’t tell if you guys are trolling or not :sweat_smile:
@Only_One if your Intellisense and Unity code snippets extensions are set up properly Debug.Log() should pop up automatically if you just type log and press enter.

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Yeah I went back through what I missed, and I never to set that up, thanks to you and @Christopher_Powell

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At first I thought she/he was being serious, but yeah, might be trolling

Also what’s with your name @HardSardine just couldn’t help but wonder

I was thinking of my name until I looked down and saw my big meaty monstrosity, HardSardine has a nice ring to it as well.

@VVruba , im not trolling, i just was convinced of something that i didn’t know…sucks… I was about to get my first solution…

Riiight… I’ll pretend I believe that :crazy_face:

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Are you pretending to believe of my meaty monstrosity?

You mean your 10 millimeter defeater?

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