Code doesn't show anymore?

Hi, my name is Peter.

When I tried to commit my game, it froze and crashed. Afterwards, I couldn’t stage or unstage certain files, and when I tried to open up my solution in Visual Studios, nothing showed.
After awhile, I downloaded Ben’s copy and started it up. Nothing showed again. I opened it in Unreal and allowed it to be rebuilt and to let all the shaders be compiled. I then rebuilt everything and compiled the code. Nothing showed again in VS. I generated VS code from the project and still, nothing showed. (Image Included)

Try rebuilding the solution in Unreal.

I tried. Nothing changed.

I clicked on the door in Unreal and opened up OpenDoor.h in VS. From there, I just opened it’s containing folder and opened up the rest of the documents.

because you have to click source there are source files

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