Cockpit clipping

Got the basic shape of my plane but it looks messy where the cockpit goes into the plane body. How can I make this look a bit neater?


Looks like it’s mostly alignment stuff. A few things you can try:

  • If you rewatch the video, you’ll see that Grant’s spitfire body actually rises above the back of the cockpit windshield so that the windshield digs in from the y-axis. This makes a nice clean boundary all the way around. I think your windshield actually crosses over those edges toward the back of the body.
  • Something isn’t quite right with the front-left part of the windshield; on the plane of intersection, that notch (see cap below), which should be coming out as a proper straight edge, suggests a duplicate topology problem of some kind (or a normals problem, but that seems unlikely at this level). I encountered that very recently; it turned out to be a mesh accidentally duplicated in edit mode and shifted slightly out of alignment with the original. I’d investigate that area carefully for something out of place.
  • I’m pretty sure your nose cone is also not quite centered - it’s more than a scaling problem because you have a slight notch there too. You can try just scaling it down a little, but if that’s not enough, you can put the 3D cursor on the middle of the spitfire’s front face, select the nose cone, Shift + S for the 3D cursor radial menu, and then “Selection To Cursor”. When grabbing and moving stuff of this nature, remember to use axis locks or be in a planar view (front/side/top) to avoid these misalignments.


Keep playing around with things; you’re doing just fine if your spitfire body turned out that good =)


Where BH67’s red arrow points there is that triangular face that is not on Grant’s plane cockpit. You need to merge the lower two verts of that triangle. To match his shape better. Study the the shape on the image at 7:34 in the lecture. His front is flat on to the front of the plane.

But it will not matter too much time it is all textured and animated flying past. So do not let it worry you or hold you up too much.


When having a low poly object, and wanting to keep straight lines. Then you are in the realm of something called Hard surface modeling. You will use boolean to shape things, or other tricks to keep quad faces (a face with four or more vertices) in a flat plane. Which is hard to keep track of.

As NP5 said already, don’t bother too much about it. If it flies you don’t see it.
Or when using sub division and smoothing.

have fun.


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