Cloudy Bunny Sky Box

I decided to try finding a equirectanglar sky texture on the web. I found this one and it seems to fade off at the bottom. The first picture is from regular screen render where I was able to move things around for a nice shot. The second shot is actually from Cycles Render. Looks like I need A LOT more practice with setting up the camera.

Anyone know if we can move the textures about for the skybox?


Well done! PS I’m not sure about moving the textures about but would be useful

Nice bunny @Morgaine_Christensen :slight_smile:

To move the environmental texture around you’ll need to add two nodes in Node Editor.

To get to the “World” node editor:

  • Open the Node Editor window.
  • On the Node Editor tool shelf click the small world icon (by the cube.)

The default setup has the “Environmental Texture” node feeding into the “Background” node, which then feeds into the “World Output.”

To modify the environmental image used in the “Environmental Texture” node you’ll need to add two control nodes before it, “Texture Coordinate” and a “Mapping”.

See attached image for node connections.

On the “Mapping” node, make sure “Point” is selected and use the “Rotation” section to rotate your sky box.


Thanks Druwid!
I am glad I get replies offline cause this one is going into the “How To Do” Blender file for future reference and use!

I hadn’t really thought about the World having nodes and could be manipulated but now that you mention it and show the nodes, it makes more sense. I appreciate you taking the time to reply and share this information and set-up with me and everyone else.

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Glad I could help.

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