Closing chapter 2: Tron inspired

For closing the chapter I tried re-creating the tron bike. I’m relatively happy with the base but when it came down to adding in the details on the bike itself which required carving into its base things became messy and I decided to hold up with doing that until I have a better understanding of blender.

I really struggled with the curves on the bike, I noticed my normals were getting messy under certain angles. Planning to revisit in the future.

For the road I used the wireframe effect from this youtube video


Looks really good, however I don’t feel that the sky texture fits with the Tron feel.


Thanks for the feedback. I feel the sky texture is alright in the first one but yea I agree for the 2nd one its way off. The 2nd picture was a bit rushed to quickly showcase some of the weirdness that was happening on the bike with the reflections.

If you’re talking overall, I tried messing with some shaders on the HDRI a bit. I ended up with a more tron like feeling at first, a bit of a dark blue sky with very low contrast. It looked better but I felt it was overpowering the scene.
I do agree that in both scenes the sky isn’t quite right.

I’ll definitely play with the sky some more when I come back to this scene and I can give the bike some more details. There’s a few other things that crossed my mind as well, like the bike jumping onto the track lacks a bit of “oomph”. A few bits of debris flying away would really help set the tone there.