Click Mouse to move steers left when should go right

Hope you can help with this.
I got Ethan to move to the mouse click and only the “playerMovement.cs” is calling the “Move” function.
The problem is that Ethan does not seem to know his lefts from his rights, so sometimes when clicked to go a bit off to his left he goes mirror img to his right and vice vs. he does go backwards and forwards as expected.
I do the

var move = m_currentClickTarget - transform.position;
if (move.magnitude >= m_moveRadius) { m_Character.Move(move); }
else { m_Character.Move(; }

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I found a cause and solution.
the problem was with the cursor not being in the place that was shown on screen.
so when clicking I was actually clicking somewhere else than the cursor showed and I thought I was clicking.
I discovered this when I started adding different cursor images and fiddling around with the import settings. Then suddenly I noticed the walk cursor being far off the house where it should change to enter cursor and such. So tweaking the cursor settings solves the problem.
Yes my game does not have bashable enemies :slight_smile:
I’m finding the course to be very useful, and very clear instructions.

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