Click! Moment

This was fun. The challenge was really tough for me at first, but then once I took a moment to really think. I got it totally right! Though it did take me forever to remember to add the ‘’ on the public State GetNextStates.

Sorry, just showing off. But it felt exciting. Seems like I’m learning! Woop!

This was the first challenge when I became genuinely lost. I’m grasping the basic context but am struggling with syntax I think. Congrats on solving it though, I had to wait for the explanation and then it all made a lot more sense!

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Yeah! It was a tough one! I think this was the hardest module so far for me. But now I’m just trying to make sure to review some of the main concepts before I continue on and not rush through this course. I find it easy to want to push on because its really interesting! For for a total noob like me, it needs a slow and careful approach :slight_smile:

I’ve got to admit, i’m confused with this one, i’m on video 26 where we have created an array and are now creating the Next States.

My issue is with the naming. Where did ‘Next States’ come from? I haven’t called anything ‘NextStates’ but the title of that field is there non-the-less…

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