Clean geometry

Hey there!
I’m watching the updated (2.80) version of the course.
I’ve been using it already for some time, but not yet for professional work, so I’m following through to see if I’m missing some info/features and as a refresher (especially for the effects/dynamics/material nodes stuff - I usually don’t do effects for client projects and I’ve been using Substance Tools for material work).

I was binge watching the sections of the course that are already updated and caught something that I didn’t agree with. In this lesson (Merging Vertices) Mike joins objects in Edit Mode by merging the coincident vertices, however, I don’t think it’s good practice (especially for beginners) to leave behind Non-Manifold geometry. Mike fails to delete inside faces after merging the surrounding vertices. I think it’s OK for this to be loosely explained in this section, as the newcomers already know the tools to correct that issue, so why not simply delete these unused inner faces and teach the good habit of always trying to keep geometry clean?

Anyway, just my opinion.
Keep up the great work! Can’t wait for the rest of the sections to be updated :D.

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