Class Text not found

For those who are experiencing the issue: “The name ‘Text’ does not exist in current context”,
try adding this line at the topmost part of the script:
“using UnityEngine.UI;”

Apparently, the ‘Text’ is using UI namespace so it is necessary to add this line.

I would love to delete this post since Ben has already mentioned this in the video.
However, I have no idea on how to delete this post.
Can anyone help me out?

On each post there is the Reply text, to the left of that there are three little dots, click on that to expand the post menu, then you will see a little bin icon, simply click on that.

Functionality within the menu may depend on a user’s trust level, which builds over time, so if you don’t have this functionality yet, let me know and confirm that you would like the whole topic deleted and I will do it for you :slight_smile: