Clarification on Up & Forward while exporting

In this video you seemed to have some trouble with orientation while exporting. From my experiences exporting from Blender to other programs, the Up and Forward selections are determined not by Blender, but by the target software - for example, I use Daz Studio a lot for my models. When exporting I select +Y-Up and +Z-Forward because that’s what Daz uses. Also, it appears to me that Unity uses the same axis as Daz Studio. DS has a good import utility, so I can also make the adjustments during import and leave the export orientation at Blender default. I was hoping from this class that I could find a way to export rigging from Blender to Daz - and so far FBX seems to be the best way to do it, but the hierarchy is unfortunately not up to the Daz Studio publishing standards.

I’d love to see someone at do a class on using Blender for Daz Studio models.

Thanks Christopher, yes you are right it does depend on the software receiving the file :slight_smile:

When going from one program to another there are always hoops to jump through.

Thanks for the feedback :slight_smile:

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Very true Michael, as I use Poser (and sometimes DS), and I have the same issue, though I usually make the switch on importing into Poser, rather than exporting from Blender. It’s just something folks need to be aware of.

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