Clarification on Illuminate area challenge. Possible [SPOILER]

Hi I just want to clarify the expectation of this challenge maybe I’m over thinking it but the wording is a bit mixed from what the site says to do and what the Teleport C# script recommends to do.

On the site it simply says “When the player is teleported, turn on a light which illuminates where the player should go to next (eg. the next Teleport platform).”

Easy enough but then the C# script says to turn off all light until needed.

There are 2 lights and one is kind of in the mountain is that suppose to be on at the start of game and placed above the first teleport or is that just there to avoid any missing reference errors the site makes it seem that you only need to focus on turning on the light after you have teleported?

Like I said I might be over thinking this and just need to focus on the one light but the developer in me is saying that other light should be on at the start of the game and placed above the first teleport.

Thank you, Vince

It’s been a while but if I remember there are area lights too at each of the teleports?

Anyways what was there didn’t fit in for what I thought the challenge wanted so I created new (flashing) lights at each teleport (all but one off at the start) and triggered the next in line once the previous teleport had happened…

Hi @Vincewa,

As a pointer

Have you thought about reading the very next challenge for the quest first that will give you a clue?


I created new lights too. Not sure if this was the intention but it made more sense to me this way. :slight_smile:

I’m not sure what you mean by adding additional lights. There was already 2 area lights in the game for the quest so I just added an extra serializedfield. So I can specify in script the first teleport pad would light up and the second one would be off. Once you touched the first pad the light turned off and the second would turn on. Then after touching the second they would all turn off. Idk if this is what the challenge wanted but it made the most sence. I went a little further with turning them off after going through the port to show its deactivated but it looks better.

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