Clamping Players Position

Doesn’t your approach give players with higher resolution monitors a competitive edge and the way you you did it in the project settings is actually the correct way? you want the game scale to be the same no matter what resolution you are using. no? I may have posted this too early I am at 3:15 remaining

This is an interesting point, and it’s good you’re thinking about these things :+1:

Fortunately, no, screen resolution doesn’t affect this.

screen_size is a misleading name; if you look again at the variable declaration, what it actually represents is the size of the game’s viewport (which, in turn, can be set to different dimensions in Project Settings). When running the game in a window, you can resize that window to change its actual resolution as interpreted by the OS, but this does not affect the viewport’s internal dimensions because you are actually scaling the entire game uniformly, so the player ship (and everything else for that matter) will be unaffected.

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