Clamp Lamp with skeleton

This in the course is a part i could not follow along :sweat_smile: Since my rod for the lamp is one piece i had to use another technique to apply the armature to my model. I hope i can follow along.

I used the “Armature Deform Parent” feature with Envelope Weights to be able to create this one continues tube without having it break when rotating one bone.

Look at the bones! its going to be a lot of work to animate i am afraid :sweat:


Nice job with skeleton! How do you feel about clamping?

@Kevin-Brandon_Joseph I don’t feel anything particular about clamps :sweat_smile:

Clamps, gripping subject. :grin:

Clever, finding yet more different ways do di stuff in Blender.

Actually had to change the bones to “enveloppe” for it to working properly. You can change the radius to determine what vertices are affected when moving the armature. The top one is not perfect, however moving the bones around does seem to move the lamp in a realistic way. So will keep it like this :smiley: