Cl doesn't work in terminal in VS code

So I was just starting out on the course and on the Section: 2 Lesson 4. I was going to the terminal and I put in cl. But then it said ’ cl is not recognized as an internal or external command operable program or batch file’. I don’t know what this means and I did install the C/C++ extension required for this. Please help, Thank You.

Did you

  1. Install Visual Studio Community with these options
  2. Use the developer command prompt to open VS Code.

Yes, I did.

Could you open the developer command prompt, type “cl” and show a screenshot of the output?

One of them is using the cmd terminal and the other is the powershell.

I realized after that you said developer command prompt

Well that seems to work there. Are you sure you opened VS Code via that terminal by typing in “code”?

Oh, Thank You So much!

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