Very basic, cigarette animation


Heavy smoker … :wink:


very nice


I really like this . . . but . . . it’s sooo fast. I’ve never taken any of the 2D Art courses, so don’t know if you’re required to limit how many frames you can use in an animation, but I think it would be so much easier to watch if there were more frames so you can slow it down.

I’m also wondering if the end that’s lit has any burned pixels so the animation would look a little more realistic. IOW, a couple/three white pixels to show the smoke, and a couple rows of pixels in say a red/rusty color to those that have been burned.

Other than that, it’s really well done. :slightly_smiling_face:


Hey there, thank you for the feedback.

This was for one of the first modules on the course. We were only given an 8x8 pixel canvas and four frames to animate. Not a huge amount of room for detail or a slow burn animation, putting any colour behind the red would result in a quarter of the cigarette being taken up.

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Gave up 5 years ago…clearly it’s still on my mind haha.

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Ahhh, I knew about the 8x8 pixel size, but didn’t know about the 4 frames restriction, and you’re correct, that would definitely not be long enough to get the animation done as I suggested.

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