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I like the course so far, I like to hear the reasons of the tools that we are using: what and most importantly “why?”. What am I using this tool? Why am I not using other method/tool instead? When it’s answered already I’m like “wow, that’s logical and makes sense!” I don’t know if you understand me well but after studying for 15 years no one really thought what and why we are doing/using this or that.
Now it makes sense, the reviews. Thanks. :handshake:
In the meanwhile, I try designing beside the course. Subdivision Surface doesn’t work like a magic sometimes :smile: hope that will be thought detailed in the upcoming courses. :smile:
‘How to’ videos just save the moment sometimes but not always.


The basics of Blender is nothing more than manipulation of many many vertices.
There is no good or bad design in this, only efficiency.
And also planning, what are you going to do with the object you have created, depends on the tools you can choose from.

I had this feeling also. In the beginning, I wanted to have an optimal design process. But that is difficult at the start of learning Blender. Because you don’t have any insight on what blender can do for you. These courses do tell you a lot, but not everything. It helps you to explore Blender on your own. Depending on the direction you will take.

Practice is the keyword here. Do many small projects and keep having fun.


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