Christmas Tree Simple Animation and sprite sheet

Christmas Tree
Animation is way too fast with only 4 frames, rave christmas anyone?
Christmas Tree-Sheet


Cool animation! I personally can’t wait for Christmas, but I am afraid I haven’t accomplished enough this year for it to be over this soon :frowning:

Nicely done!


I’m sure everyone feels like that to some extent, if you’ve acomplished anything this year then that’s enough.

Just have to march to the rhythm of your own drum, not everyone is marching at the same pace and that’s okay :slight_smile:


Yeah, my goal for this year was to create a game development company that specializes in mobile games, however I am only halfway through my first mobile game. I am glad to have become active in Gamedev Tv again as I feel it encourages me to code and design more. My goal now is to have at least one game out by my 16th birthday in April.

Very good point about going at your own pace though, sometimes I feel I make my expectations to the height of others who have more experience which I shouldn’t do.

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Good luck with your persuit! Just keep plugging away and you’ll be there before you know it.

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Thank you for the encouragement!

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