Christmas Ornament that Boosts Self-Confidence

So today I went on Protobot to search for funny ideas to sketch… Got this on my first try lol, how lucky could I have gotten?

It’s not put together super well, as I used array modifier rotating duplicates around the center Empty point and don’t know exactly how to use it properly haha. Original idea was to get them evenly spread across the sphere’s surface, but after some toying around I decided for this look. I managed to get one good line of these rotating strips, the others just went wild, so I slapped them onto the render regardless, let them bring positivity to the world in a flying fashion!

So the idea is that all the tiny geometry is actually thumbs ups. Hehe

I think this could turn into a great idea/render with a bit more work, let me know if you think I should work on it more :+1:

Party vibes:

Subtle uplifters:



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