Christmas Elf =3

Christmas Goblin

So, uh… not sure what’s up with the elves atm, but this one looks a little worse for wear…

What an amazing course @Grant_Abbitt ; I don’t think I’ve ever felt so empowered with skills to just go and create something as I have after these tutorials. Zero understanding of what sculpting was before the course, and I’m amazed that I was able to make this! Me, the guy whose every attempt to draw something on paper has spontaneously combusted and puffed the ash back in my face out of raw spite.

“I hope you’ve enjoyed the process of making this character, and you’ve come up with something that you’re proud of.” Yes I have, and yes I have =)

Thank you Grant, and thank you for facilitating this! =D


WOW, not only does your elf look great, but your statement inspires too. I also am terrible at drawing.


Great result well done.
Also never done much, or any good at 2d drawing, but worked a lifetime in real world 3d now play in computer 3d.


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