Choosing right perspectivv for scene

how to decide which point of perspective should use when creating a scene? There are 1 point , two point etc. i got confuse which one should i choose?

That would probably depend on your style or purpose of the scene. If you are making a scene for the game, think about how you would like the game to look and what would make sense for your gameplay.

Different perspectives will allow the user to get different information out of a scene. For example if the game uses a grid and you want the player to be able to know exactly where in the grid they are, or move items around a grid, you might want something more orthographic.

Alternatively, if you need to see the sides of objects to show doors, entrances or details on the sides of things, you might want a perspective that shows those items.

Those are some practical thoughts, but probably the style you are going for will make a big difference as well.

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Thank you!

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