Chichen Itza Mayan Pyramid

This is based on a picture of Chichen Itza.

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I did not use loop tools to create these ramps. Not knowing the next lesson challenge would have me creating a ramp. What I did was I made 1 step and lined it up in roughly the middle using orthographic view. Then I extruded 1 edge along the z axis using orthographic view facing the front of the ramp to line it up with the top level. Then, switching to a side orthographic view, I grabbed that edge and moved it along the Y axis until it touched the top edge. From there I extruded it inward 2 units and replaced the face. Then I made sure the normals were facing outwardly and removed any doubles I might have created. Then, since my pyramid is sitting squarely over the center, I hit shift c and then changed my pivot point 3d widget to the center and rotated copies of the ramp around the model. The only thing I did not necessarily achieve was making sure the ramp was directly in the middle, but I can’t tell if the rotation of the copies would show this or not. Using a loop cut one can create a center line of reference to better use the method that I did.

I hope this is useful information to you.

I want to make it clear that loop cuts and selections really help. In my last post I was just trying to make the point that even the very simplest tools are very effective up to that point in the course.

Here is my Pyramid with stairs and modified geometry on top, but no door.

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