Chevrolet Camaro




Curious… was this done using just one block?

The line that separates the pieces look like it was painted, like part of the texture.

If the line is a result from a little gap between the objects you may want to consider using this stack of modifiers:
Solidify with Only Rim, Even thickness, High Quality Normals
Bevel, depending on the piece you may need to use Bevel Weight property of the Edges, Clamp Overlap maybe
Subsurf last

Possibly will increase the level of realism

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The cuts were made by extruding the geometry inside and then removing it. That is, on the finished solid body. It was very uncomfortable, I felt that I was doing something wrong. Just started a new job, I’ll try to figure out your tips. Thank!

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Hum I see!

So in the end, you did manually what the Solidify with the Only Rim option would do for you automatically :smile:

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