Chess Set Setting To be Determined

So now I have made my leap over to the realm of the Chess Set. I have a few approaches I may take, a few paths I could traverse. The problem I have with each new section is that it is very open ended, anything is possible… until it is not. Yet that is not a bad thing.

I may try to approach this as if I have been given a specific direction from an employer. This might not be a bad approach as it will see if I can simply do the job. It may be more directed, but that does not remove all chances of artistic licensing. The best art is most often the most directed and planned one: unlimited “freedom” tends to look the same (like a child jamming on the piano), while directed and skilled work often becomes most distinguished and unique (A concert pianist).

Here is what I am currently looking at, but not yet determined to do:
This one appeals to some of the extruding sections of the earlier portions of the course.

I am mainly interested in the board. I like how it looks, even if I don’t use it.

Simple Shapes and colour might be good, using a low-Poly look for a high-poly chess set.

Wooden long
I like the board and the pieces somewhat remind me of the illustrations found in the Dr. Suess’ children’s books.


Just remember the course is there to show you tools and techniques in Blender. Mostly it is best to do things close to the lectures. Coming back later perhaps to do very ambitious versions. The real object of the lecture is not to make the chess set but to leant the tools and other organisational methods that make it.


Too true.

I am not looking looking to do exact replicas of the above, but rather use them as reference to inspire some lower poly creation.

Picture one would be a simple exercise of extrusion after having applied a basic shape (like in the Bowling Pin and Ball Section), picture three would be the use of spheres and basic material manipulations, while picture four is your basic set, but with slightly abstracted proportions.

Should I want a board somewhat akin to the ones in pictures two and four, I would only go for a low poly model where the vertices are pulled about.

These e̶x̶c̶u̶s̶e̶s considerations should be sufficient to allay any fears of excess from my betters :slight_smile:

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