Chess Set - Low Poly

I have to say, all this forced repetition really helps with the UI interaction on Blender.

I rather enjoyed the look of the low poly versions of the chess pieces, so I kept them that way. My knights look a little more weird, because I disregarded the “maintain quads” aspect for that one piece. I enjoyed the sharper, more aggressive look for the knights, but that’s just me.

I really appreciate the little touches, like mentioning the weirdness in unity and unreal for single meshes, the removal of the invisible cube, the lighting, camera, and rendering info, too. This section helped me a lot with a whole bunch of different things.

I’ve always been very self-taught, just fighting through the programs I find every step of the way, but your course has made getting into Blender possible for me. I tried several times before and just couldn’t stick with the frustration.

Thanks for the course and I look forward to the next sections!

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For me the same, when learning Blender. If you pick-up some YouTube Blender tips and tricks. It doesn’t work. Following the course gave me, a more structured approach, how Blender works. And to use it.

… but still, somethings I get lost … :wink:
But keep repeating what you have learned. And it will be easier and allows you to do more technical (creative) stuff.

Nice chess board. Got some space look …

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