Chess Scene with Empty (HELP WANTED)

So my chess scene ‘looks’ fine, but there’s a weird glitch in the properties pane. Here are the screenshots. The Z axis seems to be diffferent on all my pieces even though the board is at zero and everything looks like it’s at 0. any idea??

The “Zed” location that you are seeing is because of the objects origin. The boards origin is “zeroed out”. Your pawns origins are floating above “zero” as are your bishops.

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So should all the origins be 0 on the z axis ?

Yeah, you need to set all origins to the bottom of each piece in order for them to have a Z-axis of 0. The same goes for your board, if it is not at Z-axis of 0.

Easiest way, if you don’t know: select bottom face, SHIFT+S to send your 3D cursor to face, then get out of edit mode and set origin to 3D cursor. Now select the piece and set its Z-axis to 0. Problem solved.


LucidityOfPower is correct about setting all of the origins to the bottom if you want to have a completely “zeroed” out scene with pieces.

It’s really up to you though, one thing you may have to take into consideration when changing all of the origins is how they will respond to your manipulations should you choose to use the various transformation tools or do any physics based animations.

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Thanks a lot. That’s really helpful.

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You are welcome.

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