Chess scene so far

My chess scene so far. I discovered the Material Library VX in Blender (used for the board frame and table).
I added the quick and dirty lamp because I love the spotlight feel, as well as dimmer foreground (white/orange) and fill (blue) point lights. The blue point light is completely overpowered on the chess pieces but I think the reflection off the table adds to the scene. :slight_smile:
I think I’m going to pursue a way to make the lamp look much more realistic.


Good textures make so much difference, getting excited?


Yes! In the past few lectures - between modelling becoming much easier, and having access to simple but effective textures - my confidence has grown quite a lot. It’s starting to feel like I can see the path forward for modelling most objects (or at least, I know where I would start :smiley:)


Wow that table looks so good! Especially like you said with the blue light reflection. Very inspiring!

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