Chess Scene Shadows - Question

Should I be worried if the shadows are not displaying properly in Eveee? The shadows seem to be cut off and not displaying wholly.

I notice that it displays the full shadow within the light if I raise the piece from the board as seen in the screenshot below. The bottom of the pieces are currently flush with the board, and I am currently stumped as to what could be causing the shadows to not display properly.

I swapped to Cycles and it seems to be accurately displaying the shadows where they should be per the screenshot below, and I have tried moving the location of the spotlight in Eevee to get the same result, but to no avail.


Nice set.

Eevee has ‘contact shadows’ to be ticked that probably sorts out the issues you are seeing. Finding the bits to turn on to make Eevee work closer to Cycles is a price of getting the speed.

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That worked, thank you!

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