Chess Board, Generated Textures




that looks really good!


Here is my version. I like blue, what can I say? :flushed:

Maybe too subtle?


Thank you!


I tried playing around with differnet colours and textures and am a bit dissapointed that i find the classic version to be the best looking…


…and there you have it! :raised_hands:



keeping it simple still need to mess around with this abit more :slight_smile:


I built up my chess board up a lot then I started seeing a lot of slow rendering which probably means I need a new graphics card and cpu huh…


fixed border

Marble+Voronoi, well…now render works harder :slight_smile:



My white tiles were too bright, but I found if I made the diffuse material colour more grey than solid white it took the glare off a bit.


here is mine… just went with a simple colours.


Here I go - trying to get ‘woody’ feeling from cloud



I went with marble (black and dark-blue) and wood (white and light grey), here is the result:

Now I feel like the wood surrounding don’t fit with the rest, I might change it for the final scene :thinking:.
Also I didn’t have that “line issue” with the UV coordinates like in the video (around 1:46). Is it because I’m in Blender v2.79 ? Can someone confirm ?

Cheers !


That’s a great bevel on the wood!


Here is mine. I went with a blue-ish black square and a white marble texture.


:slight_smile: Here’s mine! I chose distorted noise for the white squares, and clouds for the black-purplish squares! I feel like I may still play around with it…


Here is my board


Here is my progress! Having lots of fun! :smile: :sunglasses: