Check out my RPG! (A castle with courtyard and some extra functionality)

Here is the status of my RPG after the Intermediate Unity Course! (only the core part)

I plan to make this a story-driven RPG with 3 Chapters which I end up putting on Kickstarter… just for the heck of trying something like this and see how it goes.

The plan is to do the RPG UI and RPG Quest/Dialog courses as I write the story for the RPG in parallel.

I added some extra functionality (I’ll gladly go into more detail upon request!):

Here is a short playthrough:

Please check out the build I uploaded here and tell me what you thought of it! (Version as of writing this 1.0.4 )

Inside of the castle:

Battle cutscene:

Dodging an arrow:

Chillin’ at the park:

Top view (for planning where to put the lights):

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Wow! That is so good bro! Keep it up! :grin: :grin: :grin: