Chat-GPT Integration for Unity

Would love a Unity course that teaches us to integrate chat-gpt into our game NPCs.

Yes, I heard more and more developers are considering to do that as well!

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It’s everywhere now, I’m seeing it not only in modded games, but entire games built around social interaction with GPT NPCs.


I created my own post and then I saw yours. I’m going to delete my post and try to bring more concentrated attention to this one. I’d also appreciate a course on integrating AI-generated content into a game (e.g. ChatGPT, midjourney, etc)

I haven’t tried it, but it’s possible Nathan’s course on Unity multiplayer does seem to have some stuff on making network calls which could be used as a starting point in lieu of a full fledged course.

To make this proposed course truly useful we’d also need to learn how to execute python code inside Unity. I think being able to run simple models inside built Unity project to tune our interaction with generative AI tools would make it an especially useful course.

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I agree Cat! Python would be good to incorporate.

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