Characters and Animations

I’m still working my way through the course. I’m finding that things are becoming a little mor complicated and challenging as I continue but I’m still excited to complete each lesson. My walk cycle definitely needs more work but I’ll come back to it when I’ve completed the whole course. :wink:

Currently working on the Cyborg characters. I’m learning a ton of different things I was never aware of and loving every minute of it!


Cool mech man! The shoulder cameras were a pretty slick choice.
Much like you I am having a blast with these courses and have 3 models ready for rigging that I will hopefully figure out how to do it again tomorrow(cause I forgot how to do it from the beginners course). Can’t wait to see what you do with yours!

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Good cyborg, handy lights on the shoulders!

Walk cycle is a fine start, animation is hard to get looking right.

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