Character suddenly stretching when I crouch

Hi, until now, I could crouch no problem and nothing went wrong. I’m at the metahuman section now and suddenly when I crouch my character is stretched so he’s the same height as standing, even though he’s crouched down. I have no idea how this could even happen. Can you please help me figure this out?

Thank you

Hi and welcome to the community.

Can you confirm which course this is?

This is the stealth course by Gorka. I managed to fix the problem, at least for now by swapping out animations. But I’m not sure if it will happen again. It’s in the animation that the stretching is happening. I didn’t use the animations from the course for crouching though. Could it just be a broken anim sequence?


It could be but can’t be sure. If you stick with the ones in the course, they are good quality and work so you shouldn’t have an issue with them.

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